National Green Corps (NGC) is an organization whose primary objective is to spread environmental discipline among students in the state, from school to university level.

We are, in fact, part of a larger family called the National Green Corps formed by the Government of India. NGC aims to involve students of all levels in the country in the environmental movement for conservation.

Thus, we are a large family. A family of aware students, committed teachers and visionary heads of institutions who are willing to walk with us this long journey of more than a thousand mile,The journey has beg,The first few steps taken,The action has started,We are sure it will gather momentum as we walk on with all of joining us, for the good of one, for the good of all.

We know the journey is not easy. There will be many a hurdles. We are determined, however, that we will not give up. After all, the courageous and bold rise to meet the challenges. Giving up is the game of the weak. We derive our strength from our young students and from their enthusiasm and willingness to fight against all odds. We intend to support all endeavours, big and small, that eventually take us to that social goal of care and conservation.