This school was started on 16th July 1956 as a result of the need felt by the education committee of the catholic diocese of Tuticorin. This was actually a high school when it was started. Initially it was a co-ed school. As the number of girls increased, it was decided to start a separate high school for their welfare. The Servite Sisters came forward to run the girl's school and thus in 1964 Stella Mari's Girl's High School was started and Holy Redeemer's became solely Boy's school. In 1977, the school was upgraded to higher secondary level. Both boys and girls were admitted in higher secondary sections. The aim of this school is to sharpen the young minds and instill in them a sense of patriotism based on scientific attitude. Education is imparted here with a feeling of oneness. Students are highly motivated to get mingled amount themselves irrespective of religion and caste. Every year it is heartening to see a good number of our students going for professional courses like medicine, engineering, agriculture, law etc. This school is determined to give the best education to the poor students of this vicinity. The school is also fully involved in letting the students unearth and develop their talents. Special attention is given to help them grow in areas like drawing, music, dance and drama. Due care is given to ingrain in the minds of students various values of life, so that they remain God fearing and morally sound. On the whole, this school is ever ahead on its march to form holistic citizens to serve our Mother land.