1.Nobody is allowed to get donations from students without the knowledge of the Correspondent.

2.Catholic students and teachers are expected to visit the Blessed Sacrament at 9.05am everyday.

3.It is the duty of students to greet teachers and school authorities when they meet them for the first time in a day.

4.Private tuition, if needed, should be arranged with the permission of the Headmaster.

5.Letters addressed to students will be scrutinized by school authorities.

6.There is a very good library in the school to enhance the general knowledge of the students. Students are encouraged to utilize the library


    Your loving children are entrusted in our care. It’s our duty to make them knowledgeable and serviceable persons. In addition to imparting education, their innate talents are unearthed and channelized through extracurricular activities through sports & games. Thus their thinking capacity is enhanced and they become men of action, consequently men for others. Everything can go waste if there is no reverence to God and so conductive atmosphere is created to feel His presence in their day today life. In this formation process, we need your support too in forming in your children. you need to keep track of your children’s progress in the above said categories. Please keep in touch with the Headmaster and other teachers and make sure that your children are regular to school. Lend us your hands to make them better, competent and efficient persons!