I am honoured and indeed very privileged to write this message with great pleasure. It is my great assurance that HOLY REDEEMER'S HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL is a place where students begin their journey into adulthood and begin to experience freedom and responsibility. Holy Redeemer's Higher Secondary School is a Co-Educational Institution. It symbolizes the ideas of education expressed through Moral & Spiritual values, Discipline & Character, Genuine Devotion to God & Respect for Elders. Giving Education is like Planting a tree.GSUCCESS of the SCHOOL comes out of the Recognition, Appreciation and Confidence...Students experience from the Staff members. I wish all the students for great Accomplishments & Achievements and I wish All the Staff members in their service to the world of students in order to set the fire that burns consistently to empower and make them Good Citizens of Tomorrow.

God's Blessings and Best Regards!